The Gazelle Edge Trainer-  Product Features and Benefits

The Gazelle Edge Trainer- Product Features and Benefits



A device for exercise, the Gazelle Edge becomes famous right after it has been introduced to the market by Tony Little more than a few years ago. It was introduced with a very amusing infomercial that effectively entices everyone who wishes to become physically fit and gain an enhanced cardiovascular endurance to have such device in their home. This exercise equipment comes with numerous promises which includes effectively toning your muscles, enhancing cardiovascular endurance, as well as burning calories. The device also assures to provide a good workout for both the lower and the upper body simultaneously. What’s more, the product comes at a budget friendly cost. With all these features and benefits that comes together with this product, you could be skeptical about the real thing it has to offer. So it will help a lot if we uncover together the details of this device and see for yourself if you can really benefit from this product.

Product Features

The Gazelle Edge is an exercise glider designed for high performance which helps improve cardiovascular endurance.

  • It comes with a highly flexible motion range and allows you to perform stationary slow walks up to a full run without abrupt stops.
  • The device also comes with a computer that is placed at the center of the tube bar located in front of the device. It displays and  show the distance you have taken, your exercise duration, speed and how much calories you have already burned.
  •  Furthermore, it is designed to maintain optimum safety while you perform your workouts. It  comes with a slip resistant foot platforms, a sturdy two inches round steel frames and compact foams on its handlebars. The foams which wrap around its handle bars provides you with a comfortable grip to further ensure safety while you are doing your exercise.
  • The entire device can support up to 250 lbs. However, if you have an extremely excess weight, the Gazelle Edge will not be suitable for you.
  • If you need to conserve space in your room, after using the device, you can simply fold it up and store under your bed sine this device weighs only forty two pounds, it can be easily moved around if you want to.


Equipment Cost

The Gazelle Edge highly stands out from other exercise machines when it comes to cost. Usually, an elliptical trainer cost several hundred dollars up to thousands. However, the Gazelle Edge can be availed in less than a hundred dollars and if you are extra lucky and highly resourceful, you can even purchase the product at a  discounted price.

Putting its Parts Together

The whole product weighs approximately 42 pounds and when the equipment is delivered to your home, it comes in a box and the entire shipment  weighs a total of forty six pounds. With this, you need to have someone help you in carrying the whole package inside your home especially if it need to be lifted  over stairways. The whole exercise equipment comes in two separate pieces, its right part and left part which you need to assemble further to set up the whole device and prepare it for initial use. Setting up the entire equipment is particularly easy and you will only need a screwdriver to accomplish the task. Screw together the two pieces on the back, the front and its exercise arm. The whole job can be accomplished in just thirty minutes after which it will be ready for use.

Benefits to Offer

The equipment is highly suitable for individuals who want to avoid the strong impact of exercising on a treadmill. It is good if you want to minimize pressure on your joints which is relatively increased with frequent stepping as what you normally do on a treadmill. It comes with a suspension that will enable you to stretch your leg as far as you want and your feet don’t necessarily have to go at similar distances. This device also will allow you to do slow walks or fast paced running depending on your preference. These exercises are effective in toning your buttocks which is also a plus factor if you need to work on that muscle. At the same time, it also tones your arm muscles with regular workouts. However, one undesirable thing that this machine has is that you cannot program a resistance point to further meet your superior exercise level. So if you are already highly fit and toned, you might need another exercise device to work on.


Bottom Line

The Gazelle Edge is a perfect equipment to have with you at home if you want to exercise your entire body and keep yourself physically fit at all times. With all its product details uncovered, the decision whether you grab the product now or continue your search is entirely yours.

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